Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' Cover: 'The Birth Of Venus' Meets The Birth Of Jeff Koons (PHOTO)

Check out Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" album cover.

Lady Gaga, please take ALL of our applause. It's yours.

Today, Lady Gaga finally unveiled the cover for ARTPOP (out Nov. 11) in New York City's tourist-brimming Times Square, and, despite months of speculation (mostly by me) that the artwork would feature a flock of fire-breathing goose-Gagas discussing Warhol in their salon (IT COULD HAPPEN), the Jeff Koons-designed cover actually centers on Gaga metaphorically (but also pretty literally) giving birth to art itself. Naturally!

Referencing many of the same artists and works alluded to in the "Applause" video, the ARTPOP cover features a blonde-wigged Mother Monster sculpture (which will be on display at the album release party) front-and-center with her legs spread wide as if birthing the Koons-esque metallic blue balloon in front of her -- perhaps the very same sphere that Gaga used in her VMA performance? One second she's a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is her baby! (Which reminds us: Always wear an ear condom when you pay a visit to the MoMA. You'll thank us later.)

Behind the very "Poker Face"-styled singer, we see a version of Botticelli's "The Birth Of Venus" that looks as if it was cut up into strips and then collaged back together with shots of Ancient Greco-Roman statues. We have no idea if this is what a "Reverse Warholian Expedition" is meant to be, but dammit, we're on board. 10 arts out of 10, we say! Ceci n'est pas un flop!

Photo credit: Interscope