Miley Cyrus' 'Today' Show Performance: 3 Things The Cameras Missed During 'We Can't Stop' (VIDEO)

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Looks like Miley got a little too turnt up for the "Today" show.

Still fresh from her "Saturday Night Live" takeover, Miley Cyrus took to the "Today" show stage this morning to belt out her two smash singles off of Bangerz (out Oct. 8). Along with "Wrecking Ball," Miley whipped out a live rendition of "We Can't Stop" that, based on the prudish camerawork, we're guessing was nearly too hot for even NBC (HOME OF CHRIS PRATT) to handle.

Taking a page outta the "Elvis Presley on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'" playbook, the cameras seem pretty determined not to dip below Ms. Cyrus' waist from about the second verse onward. Plus, there was also that randomly unfurling "Today" banner that basically acted as a makeshift censor bar the second that any booty began to even hint at a pop. Read on to see three things that "The Today Show" cameras apparently didn't want you to see. (Foolish cameras, WE SEE ALL!)

1.) MILEY'S TWERKING: The second Ms. Milez begins lowering her booty toward the screaming  audience -- WHOOSH! -- we are treated to a group of smiling fans. Once the camera pans back over, the singer's literally swimming in a sea of blue.

Watch Miley Cyrus' Watch Miley Cyrus perform "We Can't Stop" live on the "Today" show after the jump.2.) MILEY'S BACKUP TWERKING: C'mon, y'all, you can't tell me that this SUPER NECESSARY tweet about "Boardwalk Empire" filming in Yonkers, N.Y., couldn't have waited until AFTER Miley's backup Smilers were done twerking it!

Watch Miley Cyrus'

After that moment, the camera doesn't really go below the "Miley: The Movement" star's waist -- at least not up close. Our loss, I mean, look at all of the flawless floor work we missed out on!

Watch Miley Cyrus' 3.) MILEY'S BOOTY SHORTS: We didn't even know that she was wearing white denim cutoffs! In fact, due to all that blue-barring, we didn't really know WHAT was covering Ms. Cyrus' lower half. Boo the Bear-skin hot pants? A pair of Rihanna's denim thongs from the "Pour It Up" video? It could've been ANYTHING!

Watch Miley Cyrus'

The funny thing is that the show's censors were so caught up in trying to hide Miley's twerk-nasty moves, that they completely forgot to bleep those "tryna get a line" and "dancing with molly" lyrics. Is that irony? Unless our ninth-grade English teacher wants to chime in and correct us, we're gonna go ahead and say that it's irony.

+ Watch Miley Cyrus perform "We Can't Stop" live on the "Today" show.

Photo credit: Getty Images, NBC