Cris Cab + Pharrell Encounter A Troupe Of Devious Babes In Their 'Liar Liar' Video

Cris cab teams with mentor Pharrell on "Liar Liar"

Cris Cab and Pharrell encounter a posse of devious women in their "Liar Liar" video.

Cris Cab may still be something of a musical underdog (see: reason No. 633729 we included him on our Most Criminally Overlooked Artists Of 2012 list), but one thing's for sure: The PUSH alum's previous releases like the Big Sean-assisted "Good Girls (Don't Grow On Trees)" and the bubbly "Paradise (On Earth)") have done a masterful job of securing the singer a place on the map.

That said, we have a hunch that Cris' new single and video for "Liar Liar," which features an assist from Cris' longtime mentor Pharrell, will be THE jam to permanently change his game.

Watch Cris Cab's "Liar Liar" video featuring Pharrell after the jump.

Rooted in the same brand of infectious reggae-tinged pop that's now become Cris' signature move, the Pharrell co-written and produced "Liar Liar" also features Cris' most mature visuals to date.

Shot using a slick, aqueous black-and-white filter, "Liar Liar" has Cris and Pharrell in -- you guessed it -- a gorgeous mansion complete with an Olympic-size pool and an orchard to rival Oprah's (we didn't see it, but we just know it's there). In between shots of Cris and Pharrell casually man-dancing to their new jam, the 20-year-old crooner somehow finds time to flirt with a stunning Lily Collins look-alike.

Naturally, just when we think Cris has this one in the bag (pun intended), the hot model ties Cris to a chair, lights the house on fire, and slinks off with another man! Don't you hate it when that happens??

It's a total #BURN, but who are we kidding? With the way Chris' career is shaping up, it probably won't be too much longer before he really has 'em lined up around the block. Although with that chiseled jawline and brooding gaze, he's probably doing juuuust fine in the real world.

Be on the lookout for Cris' official debut disc, dropping some time in 2014.

+ Watch Cris Cab's "Liar Liar" video featuring Pharrell.

Photo credit: Mercury Records