Miley Cyrus' 'Saturday Night Live' Takeover: A Twitter Recap

Relive Miley Cyrus' "SNL" episode in our Twitter recap.

Let's relive Miley Cyrus' "SNL" gig.. via Miley's Twitter feed!

So... anyone out there catch Miley Cyrus hosting AND performing on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend? UH-DUH. And who out there thought that a.) our girl nailed each and every sketch (LOL Miley as Michele Bachmann 4ever) and b.) killed her "We Can't Stop" acoustic and powerful "Wrecking Ball" performance? Oh, EVERYONE? #NotSurprised

Yep, not only did Miley spend the entirety of "SNL" showing off her remarkable comedy chops and willingness to poke fun at herself, but she also kept us LOL-ing for days with a near-perfect government shutdown / "We Can't Stop" parody. (And let's not forget the return of the teddy bear onesie and that time she traded Southern accents with "Past Miley.")

Anyway, this being the internet and all, there are sooo many ways to relive Miley's legendary SNL performance. Sure, you could go to Hulu, NBC, or myriad other viewing platforms, orrrrr you could relive the night through Miley's eyes! And when we say "eyes" we really mean Miley's Twitter feed. Because you don't host "SNL" and NOT document every single moment. Ready? Andddd..... SCROLL!

1.) On the morning of her "SNL" gig, Miley hopped right on Twitter:


2.) Here's Miley chillin' backstage before the show! TOTALLY normal Saturday night.

Miley Cyrus backstage before "SNL."

 Follow the rest of Miley Cyrus' "SNL" performance via Twitter after the jump!

3.) After one of the best cold opens we've ever seen (and stuff like tha-yt), Miley trotted out a brief monologue that covered things like how twerking's so last summer and the VMAs, among other things.



4.) BEST PART OF THE NIGHT = Miley as Michele Bachmann in "We Did Stop (The Government)."



5.) Second best part of the night? Cheerleader Miley acting totally oblivious to alien Kenan Thompson. (Courtesy of @nbcsnl.)