Star Spotting: Rihanna Tries To Kiss Her Assistant, Does Not Find Love On Her Assistant's Face (PHOTO)

Rihanna tries desperately to plant a smooch on her assistant!

Unlike humanity, RiRi's assistant does NOT want to make out with the Bajan beauty at the drop of a hat. 

We've always been under the impression that about 98.3 percent of Earth's population would be willing F***ing PUMPED to make out with Rihanna. That said, it seems like RiRi's personal assistant/ partner in Parisian crime pictured above, Jennifer Rosales, wants no such makeout sesh. In fact, she's kinda channeling her boss by giving zero effs about the whole damn thing.

To cope with the "rejection," the "Pour It Up" singer took to Instagram to document this rare glimpse of unrequited Rihanna love, captioning: "She loves me...."

Daaaamn, and here we thought that the Queen of the "NO BASIC ZONE" would never face the kind of full-on makeout rejection that we plebeians are forced to endure in our mortal lives. Now, if only Jen could figure out a way to monetize this denial -- maybe by selling collectible, hand-painted plates depicting "The face that Rihanna's lips could not touch!" on eBay? HASHTAG MONEY!

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram