Star Spotting: BREAKING! Adam Lambert Looks At His Calendar, Realizes It's October! (PHOTO)

Oh no! Adam Lambert just realized that it's October!

Yo, Adam, guess what month it is...

Glam pop-rock god Adam Lambert seems to be blessed with the uncanny ability to succeed at nearly everything he sets his mind to. Blowing the roof off the iHeartRadio Music Festival with Queen? Check. Taking over the small screen with a recurring role in the cast of "Glee"? Check. Being, um, BEAUTIFUL? Check! Check! A million times check!

But if there's one department where Adam may need assistance, it's... telling time? In this recently Instagrammed photo posted on Oct. 3, the "Never Close Our Eyes" singer's face looks shocked beyond belief. The reason for his eyes-wide-scurred look? According to the caption: "It's OCTOBER already!" Adam, we... we know that. It's been October for, like, four days now. In fact, it's been October every year during this same month, because this month is the month of October. That's why we call it October. (Teach For America, here we come.)

OK, that's enough -- we pray know Mista Lambert knows what month it is. Most likely, the "Lay Me Down" singer was simply expressing his alarm that 2013 is flying by so fast! Before you know it, it will be January, then February, and so on until we reach June, the most popular month in the year for weddings. Why did we bring that up? Oh, no reason! (Adam Lambert, if you are reading this -- I CAN ONLY DROP SO MANY HINTS.)

Photo credit: Adam Lambert's Instagram