JC Chasez's Girl Group, Girl Radical, Put Out A Single, And It's Life-Affirming!

Meet JC Chasez's new group, Girl Radical. THERE ARE ELEVEN OF THEM!

Betcha didn't know that JC Chasez was the brains behind the 11-member pop group Girl Radical!

Just look at the above photo of 11 women in bright clothing! Could it be a "class picture" of '80s night at an all-girls sleepaway camp (what up, Camp Tapawingo?), or is it a press photo of former *NSync member JC Chasez's all-girl group, Girl Radical?

It's super hard to tell, but judging by the the ladies' life-affirming, totally bumpin' new single, "Don't Ge Me Wrong," we'll opt for the latter. Definitely a close call, though.

Listen to Girl Radical's "Don't Get Me Wrong" after the jump.

After releasing a reworked cover of No Doubt's "Just a Girl" in August (errrm, "Just 11 Girls" might be more accurate), Girl Radical has stepped back up to the plate with their first original record, which is coproduced by JC and songwriter/producer Jimmy Harry.

Taking a clear cue from such girl-heavy K-pop groups as Girls' Generation, "Don't Get Me Wrong" is a bubbly, sunshiny tune that sees the girls cooing over an expertly tailored pop track: "Don't get me wrong/ No I won't give my attention to just anyone/ Don't get me wrong/ All I'm trying to say is that I want you."

And don't get us wrong (first and last time we'll do that): As unexpectedly catchy as "Don't Get Me Wrong" is, did it REALLY take 11 voices to get it done? Because this is basically a basketball team in stilettos and bustiers! Or, in layman's mathematical terms: The Pussy Cat Dolls times two plus one-fifth. Of course, if they're looking to round things off to an even 12... I just so happen to look damn good in a pink tutu and rhinestone tights.

Watch Girl Radical's "Don't Get Me Wrong" lyric video, and download the track for free.

Photo credit: Girl Radical