Kelly Osbourne Has Joined Taylor Swift's Bangs 'N' Lipstick Baking Club! (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift breaks out the oven mitts with Kelly Osbourne.

Taylor Swift breaks out the oven mitts with Kelly Osbourne!

Check out Taylor Swift and Kelly Osbourne's new cooking show! Just kidding! These talented beauties aren't promoting anything but some good ol' baking FOR FUN! We repeat: Instead of shopping for pants, getting mani-pedis, going mini-golfing, or THE GAZILLION OTHER THINGS they could be doing on their days off, Taylor and Kelly have opted to presumably sweat their faces off in front of a hot stove. We're just so confused -- isn't this why we have bakeries!??!

Even Kelly is surprised by the "Red" Tour singer's culinary talents, as mentioned in the Instagram photo's caption: "#GirlsNight baking with @taylorswift you guys have no idea how good Taylor is at cooking! #shocked." We're not shocked about that; Taylor has been hustling her baking skills for a while! (See: that time she baked with Selena Gomez.)

Anyway, seeing this pic has a.) made us insanely hungry for desserts and b.) inspired us to bake something ourselves! LOLOLOLOL, what we actually meant to say was "heat up our Easy-Bake Ovens." Half-raw brownies avail at my crib this weekend! Come and get 'em!

Photo credit: @kellyosbourne