Today In News That Shocks Nobody: Ke$ha Posted Her Bare Ass To Instagram (PHOTOS)

Ke$ha posted her bare butt to Instagram, and nobody is surprised.

Scroll down to see Ke$ha's ass in mid-twerk...

Look, don't even pretend to be shocked by this photo of Ke$ha's bare butt on Instagram. I mean, sure, we might still be partially blinded by Miley Cyrus' never-ending leotard nudity, but that certainly doesn't mean we can't take a quick 30-minute reprieve to appreciate this EPIC photo of Ke$ha's supple, stretch mark-free butt. Asses for everybody!

See Ke$ha's bare butt after the jump.

Ke$ha's rump makes a cameo on Instagram

Twerk alert!

Now, while K-dolla could've easily been in the middle of a pants-less yoga session (looks like downward-facing dog to us), other theories suggest that the Trix Yogurt-haired singer was actually backing that thing up, shaking what her mama gave her, pushing it real good, etc.

And while some part of us truly wishes that Ke$ha was taking some time off to de-stress from her busy life of collaborating with Ariana Grande and publicly humiliating her exes through song, all evidence (namely that one time she ass-danced for her mom) suggests that she is in fact knee-deep in twerk. (And why shouldn't she be? If we had an ass that luscious, we'd twerk our way out of this office right now and really give those Time Square tourists a show.)

Kesha's ass, appearing for a second time on Instagram

Unsurprisingly, Ke$ha's ass looks EVEN BETTER amidst of a sea of rainbow confetti.

Want more ass-out Ke$ha twerking? Well, IT'S A' COMIN'! If the "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Lifeseason 2 trailer is any indication, then we're in for a whole mess of bare-assed butt-shaking, penis costumes, and family-size bags of glitter once the show returns on Oct. 30.

Ke$ha twerks for her mama in the "My Crazy Beautiful Life: Season 2" trailer


+ Watch the trailer for "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life" season 2.

Photo credit: Ke$ha's Instagram/GIFs: Charles Goetz of MTV