The Origin Of Miley Cyrus' Signature Tongue Move: Did She Learn It From Ashley Tisdale?! (PHOTO)

UPDATE: Miley Cyrus may have learned her signature "tongue" from Ashley Tisdale

Got it from her mama? Nah, Miley might have borrowed her signature tongue move from Ashley Tisdale!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: While we originally thought that Miley Cyrus' go-to tongue move was all part of her "Hannah Montana" peace sign-era-shedding process, early reports indicate that there may have been outside forces at work!

To what "forces" are we referring? Please direct your attention to exhibit A: a photo from a 2006 episode of "TRL" featuring an exceptionally "Tamed"-looking Miley gazing at Ashley Tisdale, who is -- WAIT FOR IT -- rocking a primitive version of "THE TONGUE." #ConnectingTheDots

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We know, we know. You're not sure whether to thank Ashley or rent a time-travel machine to push that damn tongue back in her mouth in a brave attempt to spare 2013 from an overdose of foam fingers, thong leotards (ouch, right?), vaguely unsanitary hammer-licking, scantily clad Terry Richardson photo shoots, more scantily clad Terry Richardson photo shoots, and even LESS clothed, let's-just-call-them-naked Rolling Stone photo shoots.

Yeah, we're not sure which option we'd prefer either, but we do feel some sense of calm knowing where the "Miley: The Movement" star's proclivity for tongue ejection might have come from.

Now, if only we could get Justin Bieber, Jared Leto, and Rihanna to put their tongues back in. Pulling a Tisdale is SO 2006, people!!

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Photo credit: Getty Images