Story Of The Year Spill Their Hearts Out In An Acoustic Reimagining Of ‘Until The Day I Die’

Story Of The Year celebrate 10 years of “Page Avenue” with an acoustic rendition of “Until The Day I Die.”

Happy Friday! Who’s up for a little emotional catharsis? Oh, good. We were in too positive of a mood already. Lucky for us, St. Louis post-hardcore act Story Of The Year have got our #emo #feelings fully covered with a piano-driven acoustic reimagining of their seminal 2003 single “Until The Day I Die.” Andddd…. CRY.

Listen to Story Of The Year’s acoustic rendition of “Until The Day I Die” after the jump.

Slated to appear on the 10th anniversary edition of the band’s seminal 2003 album, Page Avenue, the revamped “Until The Day I Die” is a definite departure from the track’s original.

Instead of leading with crunching, pop-punk guitar riffs and screeching, hardcore vocals, Dan Marsala, Ryan Phillips, Philip Sneed, Adam Russell, and Josh Wills accompany their words with pounding piano, gentle tambourine and maraca shakers, poignant strings, and a very un-punk rock (but still satisfying) guitar solo.

“Until the day I die/ I’ll spill my heart for you, for you,” cries Marsala. Funny, the feeling’s mutual! (<3 <3 <3) Aaaand if you need us, we’ll be over here Facebook stalking our high school crush(s). In the dark.

Look out for the acoustic “Until The Day I Die” on the band’s forthcoming Page Avenue: Ten Years and Counting, out Oct. 8.

+ Listen to Story Of The Year’s acoustic rendition of “Until The Day I Die.”

Photo credit: Story Of The Year