Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Dyed Her Hair Neon Blue To Match Her 'Neon Lights' Tour! (PHOTO)

Did you see Demi Lovato's new neon blue hair?

Demi Lovato's hair matches her TOUR guys. HER TOUR.

One sure sign that your life is truly next-level is when you can skip right past matching your hair to your eyebrows, and straight-up color-coordinate it with your upcoming tour. (The fact that you have a tour in the first place should be a clue that life's goin' pretty good, but whateva.) Case in point, Demi Lovato, who debuted some eye-popping new neon blue hair within days of announcing her "Neon Lights" Tour.

No stranger to bold hair choices (see hot green ombre), the "Made In The USA" singer took to Twitter to reveal her new Smurf-meets-blue glow stick tinted do. She captioned, in all-caps-everything no less: "LIKE NEON HAAAIIIIIRRRRR!!!!."

Wow, if Demi's perfect neon locks foreshadow the success of her upcoming tour, then she'll probably be wealthy enough to, like, purchase an entire neon PALACE if she so desires. Speaking of neon palaces, #TakeMeThere.

Photo credit: @ddlovato