Miley Cyrus' SUPER NSFW Terry Richardson Photos: 8 Definitive GIF Reactions

Miley Cyrus posed for a super NSFW photo shoot with Terry Richardson.

This photo of Miley Cyrus has been cropped for your own good. You'll thank us when you're older.

Oh God. Oh no. Oh dear. Oh help. WHERE TO START? Look, I know this is Miley Cyrus' world and we're all just living in it, but ho-lee s*** we weren't ready for this VERY NSFW photo series starring Our Lady Of The Never-Ending Twerk, shot by -- who else?! -- "Wrecking Ball" director and creepy uncle photographer to the stars, Terry Richardson.

Posted to Terry's Diary earlier today, the "Miley: The Movement" star's latest, um, portrait collection features the singer looking every different kind of naked and nipply. Like, Miley, I CAN SEE YOUR BRA. Just kidding. YOU AREN'T WEARING ONE.

Anyway, when she's not showing off the goods via a see-through sweater (i.e., the most conservative piece in her Fall 2013 collection), Miley's violating a can of Arizona Iced Tea, playing peekaboo with her nips, and definitely touching herself through a thong-y red leotard that probably not even American Apparel would think to sell.

Please help us sit shiva for whatever's left of Miley's innocence by scrolling through the following GIF reactions:




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Photo credit: Terry's Diary, GIFs: Tumblr