Tongue? Nah, Miley Cyrus Was ALL About The Peace Sign Back When She Could Still Be Tamed (PHOTOS)

Miley let VH1’s Big in ’06 Awards know what was REALLY big in ’06 — peace signs, y’all!

Before there was the tongue, there was… the peace sign! For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re rolling back the clocks to 2006 to pay our dues to Miley Cyrus’ original go-to photo move. Let’s hear it for the “Miley: The Movement” star’s original signature… er, movement, the peace sign! Don’t worry, tongue, you’ll probably be back in the spotlight in, like, literally 4 minutes.

Check out more #tbt photos of Miley Cyrus flashing peace signs after the jump.

Aw, so precious. Nearly breaks our achy breaky hearts!

Seen here with papa Billy Ray Cyrus at the L.A. premiere of “Over The Hedge,” Miley Classicâ„¢’s old standby sure makes for a cute pose. (Aaaaaaaaaaand, we’re stealing it.) But, we do wonder if the future “Wrecking Ball” singer was trying to tell us something. Perhaps that she’s the second in the Cyrus line of legendary musical icons? Alternately, could she be a closet Nixon enthusiast. The plot thickens!

Ya don’t have Hannah Montana ta kick around anymore.

Or, perhaps because she had to double up as both Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana, she was implicitly signaling the dual nature of her role in the entertainment biz at the time — as she they did above at this Radio Disney event. Two fingers, two pop stars, and one incredibly deep, highly probable theory. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Peace, love, and rabbit shadow puppets.

Nope, wait, we’re totally overthinking it. The “SMS (Bangerz)” singer probably just liked to flash a peace sign every now and then, much like how these days, Miley likes to flash a whole lot more. (*cough cough* See these comically NSFW Terry Richardson photos. *cough cough*)

Photo credit: Getty Images

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