The Teen Age Soundtrack A Roller-Coaster Relationship In Their 'Matador' Video

Watch The Teen Age's "Matador" video.

If The Teen Age's "Matador" video had a relationship status, it would be "It's Complicated."

NYC doo-wop garage quartet The Teen Age have a lot in common with R&B master John Legend in their new "Matador" video. I know, I know, that statement might make you go "EH??," but wait, I've got a point here!

In his new "All Of Me" video, Legend serenades his beautiful bride, model Chrissy Teigen, via an annoyingly cute montage of mushy, couple-y activities: sexy swimming, cuddling in bed, staring deep into each other's eyes through a glass window... Or, in other words, barf.

The Teen Age, on the other hand, take a similar document-the-relationship route in "Matador," except their homage to coupledom is a tad more, shall we say, realistic. I.e., fights happen.

Watch The Teen Age's "Matador" video after the jump.

Shot in grainy, DIY footage, "Matador," like Legend's "All Of Me," is a (mostly) heartwarming montage of relationship activities (no nude girls in this clip, though -- sorry). Intercut between scenes of The Teen Age (Digo, Micah, Bill, John -- no last names) playing their Ramones-esque, fuzzed-out garage pop single on rooftops and/or practice spaces, the two lovebird protagonists fool around, tease each other, doodle on walls, take Polaroids, silly dance, and do various other things to make the viewer go "awwwww."

Not all's well in paradise, though. Soon enough, the couple's lovefest disintegrates into shouting matches and slammed doors. But that doesn't mean the couple's doomed: By "Matador"'s end, our guy and girl are right back to cuddling and intertwining their fingers. See? Just because you have a fight(s) doesn't mean you should break up! And, unlike Legend's canoodle-y "All Of Me" clip, "Matador" does a swell job of exploring a relationship at all angles -- both good times and bad.

Catch "Matador" on The Teen Age's forthcoming 7", out Oct. 8 via PaperCup Music.

+ Watch The Teen Age's "Matador" video.

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