Star Spotting: Count Rita Ora's Glitzed-Out Vampire Grill Puts Our Halloween Accessories To Shame (PHOTO)

Check out Rita Ora's custom made vampire grill.

Rita Ora is serving us countless amounts of fabulousness thanks to her custom-made vampire grill.

While I've been scoping out the Halloween aisle at the local drugstore for costume ideas (I'm leaning toward "SexXxii Snoopy." Thoughts?), Rita Ora is already on point with her fang-tabulous vampire grill! Annnd this concludes the vampire-related pun portion of our program this evening.

OK, so I'm not sure if the grill is actually a part of the "Torn Apart" singer's spooky Oct. 31 getup, but whatever the reason for posting your new accessory on Instagram, Rita, I like! Wonder if this photo will inspire fellow grill lover, Rihanna, to take her #grillgame to the next level? Related: Does anyone happen to know what the next grill level is after terrifying, gnashing vampire fangs? Inquiring minds want to know.

In any case, it's just comforting to know that I'm not the only person out there who likes to keep a pair o' Dracula teeth handy at a moment's notice. Then again, Rita's were custom-made by Parisian grill artist to the stars, Dolly Cohen, and mine were merely purchased "off the rack" at Party City. And of course, the singer probably sports them at five-star nightlife venues whereas I wear mine during my weekly "Twilight" marathon sob fests. But whatever... My MOM thinks they're scary.

Photo credit: Rita Ora's Instagram