Mac Miller's 'Delusional Thomas' Alter Ego Makes An Appearance In His 'The Star Room' Video

Watch Mac Miller's "The Star Room" video.

Watch Mac Miller's trippy "The Star Room" video.

In case you couldn't tell, there are MANY sides to Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller. There's the bubbly, flirting-with-Ariana Grande side shown in "The Way" video, the brooding-while-surrounded-by-hanging-bulbs side in "I Am Who I Am (Killin' Time), and his fully high on something trippy side in the ultra-bizarre "Gees."

Now, with the help of Mac's alter ego "Delusional Thomas" (kind of like Beyoncé's Sacha Fierce, but with fewer rhinestone-encrusted leotards), Mac's returning to his tripped-out roots in the video for "The Star Room."

 Watch Mac Miller's "The Star Room" video after the jump.

The latest cut off Watching Movies With The Sound Off, "The Star Room" features "Delusional Thomas" spinning and twirling his way through a bizarre land where it's perfectly normal for colored lightbulbs to hang from the ceiling in mirrored rooms so claustrophobic they may or may not cause heart palpitations. Also: Is this "I Am Who I Am (Killin' Time)" Part Two? That mirrored lightbulb room looks so familiar...

Eventually, "Thomas" navigates his way out of the maze, where, miraculously, "Mac" reappears! How do we know it's Mac? Oh, just because bro spends rest of the video doing what he does best: straight chilling on a couch with some DRANKS.

In all, "The Star Room" is what one might call #conceptual. In fact, if were to go all "11th grade English class" on your ass, we might just theorize that the video's dual dimensions represent each half of Mac's brain. Then again, it could also just be a metaphor for how Mac behaves when he's hangry (hungry + angry). We're open to interpretation.

Watch Mac Miller's "The Star Room" video.

Photo credit: Mac Miller's Facebook