Star Spotting: We'll Take Our Latte With A Splash Of Niall Horan (PHOTO)

Niall Horan takes the "shirtless selfie" to a whole new level.

Coffee break with Niall? Sign us up.

Together, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam are kind of like "Captain Planet." With their powers combined, they form the inimitable, teen coma-inducing ONE DIRECTION! (Said in dramatic "Captain Planet" voice, obv.) But, we often wonder what boy banders do when they're not, you know, with the rest of the band -- when they're not spiritually unified, killing it on stage, and coining their own major holidays and stuff. According to Niall Horan's Instagram, these rare moments are apparently filled with quiet, calm, solo coffee breaks with a side of bedhead and (shirtless?) selfies!

On a rare break from clowning around and/ or receiving butt tattoos on British national television, the "Best Song Ever" singer decided to commandeer his very own dressing room to take a quiet "namaste" moment to himself. Niall captioned: "Chillin in dressin room on my own , havin a coffee !"

What Niall forgot to take into account was that we'd immediately detect his seeming shirtlessness (unless he's wearing a tube top because #YOLO?) and bedhead coif makes girls think about, well, what he'd be like in bed. And here the poor guy thought he was just Instagramming a simple cup o' joe!

Photo credit: Niall Horan's Instagram