Watch Into It. Over It.'s Sad Trip Home In Their 'No Amount Of Sound' Video

Watch Into It. Over It.'s "No Amount Of Sound" video.

Into It. Over It. feel overwhelmed by the past in their "No Amount Of Sound" video.

They say emo's coming back -- and by they, we mean Stereogum, who is totally right, even if emo never really left. Into It. Over It. is one of 12 bands pegged by the indie site as leading the current wave of emo, and their track "No Amount of Sound" is definitely worthy of the praise.

The Chicago one-man band's latest single eschews rhythmic heat or hard-riffing power chords for some slo-mo '90s noise, mustering decaying electric guitar riffs and the heavy volume of feedback and open chords underneath Evan Weiss' bedroom-tender melody. It's not far from the sound of Translanticism-era Death Cab for Cutie or Pedro the Lion circa Control.

Watch Into It. Over It.'s "No Amount Of Sound" video after the jump.

The song's careful video fits the track's noisy build, capturing a young-ish male character alone in a room, briefcase in hand. Where is he? The office? Nope: Soon we're diving through his memories, and it seems to be his childhood bedroom, empty and abandoned. He tries to fill up the room with furniture again, but it fills up on him instead -- a visual metaphor too moving to spoil.

The video doesn't spell out why he's come back in the first place, but connect the dots and you'll see why dude's so bummed. We're not, though!

The video's the latest from Into It. Over It.'s Intersections, which came out in September.

+ Watch Into It. Over It.'s "No Amount Of Sound" video.

Photo credit: Mitchell Wojcik