Miley Cyrus' 'Miley The Movement' Documentary: Here's Every Single GIF You Can't Miss!


Miley Cyrus' official MTV documentary, "Miley: The Movement," just saw its much-anticipated debut. It provides a revealing look at Miley's hustle, flow, and grind; her humble willingness to vacuum a private jet; and her superhuman ability to conquer a nasty cold during her whirlwind promo tour for her Bangerz album. It also features tender segments of support from her mom and Pharrell Williams, surprising moments of self-reflection and self-awareness, and endearingly candid instances of utterly giving no f***s while still maintaining a hawkish control of her image and art. But the documentary is also rife with moments just begging to be GIF'ed. And really, isn't that the point of anything worth watching these days? (It's the GIFs, stupid!)


From swinging her rat tail like a helicopter (no, not a wrecking ball -- YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA SAY WRECKING BALL!) to provocatively licking an ice cream cone, our very own T. Kyle MacMahon of diligently, expertly, and lovingly captured some of the best, funniest, and most enchanting moments of Miley's "Miley: The Movement" documentary in GIFs. (Don't worry -- there's still twerking.) L'enjoy, Smilers!

Check out "Miley: The Movement" GIFs after the jump!

miley-grabsboobsmiley-sparklers miley-twerkingbackstagemiley-hairdonemiley-lightup2 miley-lightupshoesmiley-dressrehearsal

+ Watch "Miley: The Movement" in its entirety, and don't miss the deluxe edition of "Miley: The Movement" on MTV Sunday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m., featuring a full 90 minutes of extended scenes and never-seen-before clips.

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