Why Miley Cyrus' Rattail Helicopter Is A Major 'Miley: The Movement' #NeverForget Moment (GIFS)

Check out Miley's rattail as she whips it back and forth.

Don't matter if it's long or short -- just whip your damn rattail, Miley!

"Miley: The Movement," AMIRITE?!?! OK, so maaaaaybe I should be a little more specific. What I'm trying to say is that there were just so many beautiful, glorious, life-changing moments during MTV's Miley Cyrus documentary, that I'm still reeling from the Cyrociousness!!!!

Mama Tish's wise words! The "SMS (Bangerz)" recording sesh with Ms. Britney Spears! Noah's slap-happy cameo! The private jet vacuuming! (Or, "O.C.D. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.") But if I had to choose but one single scene above all the rest, it would be when Miley channels her inner Willow Smith and whips her rattail back and forth like a game of one-woman ratchet tetherball.

Miley whips her 'tail back and forth.

Watch Miley Cyrus whip her 'tail back and forth after the jump.

To be fair, Miley's mama, Tish, is totally correct when she describes her daughter's streamlined party-in-the-back follicular accoutrement as "a little bit of Billy Ray Cyrus circa 1989."

No matter how much of Mike WiLL Made It's hip-hop production the "Wrecking Ball" singer adds to her new sound, she'll always be a li'l bit country -- something we already know from listening to those 30-second track-by-track Bangerz previews. But c'mon, let's just check in with the Smith family for their thoughts on the tail whipping. What do you three think?

The Smith family LOVE Miley's new rattail.

...THEY LOVE IT. Jaden Smith looks like he's been moved to tears, and little Willow is so in-rat-uated with Miley's lewk that she's completely speechless! Hmmmm, papa Will Smith looks like he could use a second opinion before he joins #TeamRattail. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, how do you feel about it?

Selena and Taylor LOVE Miley's new rattail.

I know, right?? Tay-Tay's so overcome by Miley's rattail move, that she's gotta avoid even discussing the subject! Lady Gaga, how do you feel about the rattail?

Lady Gaga loves Miley's new rattail.

INSPIRED! Gaga's already conceiving of a reverse rattail-ian experience based on it, titled: "TAILRAT." And of course, Rihanna. Would you like to give us the final verdict?

Rihanna is not such a fan of Miley's rattail.

Well, someone's gotta play the withholding Soviet judge. Otherwise, Miley, your rattail gets 10s, 10s, 10s across the board!

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Photo credit: MTV/ GIFs: T. Kyle MacMahon of RealityTVGIFs.tumblr.com, MTV

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