Video Premiere: The Ceremonies Fall Down The Rabbit Hole In 'Land Of Gathering'

Watch The Ceremonies' "Land Of Gathering" video.

We're getting kind of a "Peter Pan"/Lost Boys vibe from The Ceremonies' "Land Of Gathering" video.

Hey, wouldn't it be nice to get away from it all? Sorry, let's backtrack. Wouldn't it be nice to get away from it all like pastoral-pop rockers and harmonizing experts The Ceremonies do in their fantastical new video for "Land Of Gathering"? Like, say, morph into adorable cartoon boys, explore deep pockets of unknown forest territory, lovingly paint stunning impressionist pictures, and rock out/harmonize in a dusty-looking barn space?

Yeah, we should all take vacations like The Ceremonies. Preferably ones that resemble something out of "The Phantom Tollbooth" and/or "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe."

Watch The Ceremonies' "Land Of Gathering" video after the jump.

Directed by Ceremonies member Matthew Cook and Jason Chen, "Land Of Gathering" features the band (aka Los Angeles brother trio Matthew, Mark, and Michael Cook) waking up as "Peter Pan"-ish Lost Boys and exploring the great unknown. (Kinda like falling down an "Alice In Wonderland" rabbit hole, but way less trippy and fewer riddle-telling characters.)

As they wander through the cartoon wilderness, the boys finally arrive at a door, which leads... off a cliff. But since this is clearly some kind of dream state, the boys aren't afraid of heights. In fact, they jump right off the cliff, successfully land, and somehow manage to find their way through that canvas the 3-D band's been painting. Suddenly the cartoon and 3-D worlds collide and the band comes face-to-face with their 2-D doppelgangers. See that, folks? IT'S CALLED USING YOUR IMAGINATION!

Get lost with The Ceremonies below, and look out for the band's debut EP when it drops Oct. 8 via Atom Factory Music/Capitol Music Group.

+ Watch The Ceremonies' "Land Of Gathering" video.

Photo credit: Capitol