Of COURSE You Want To Watch Usher Remix The ABCs On 'Sesame Street' (VIDEO)



Here's the truth: Watching famous people have conversations with stuffed animals is never not fun! For example, we loved watching Nelly give the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee a "Swaggy" makeover, and we were totally on board when 50 Cent spent some quality recovery time with a collection of life-size stuffed animals.

But none of those events could've have properly prepared us for the epic real-ness that is Usher, the man who sang a song called "Climax," remix the ABCs with the muppet stars of "Sesame Street." Specifically, Elmo, Grover, Murray, and Abby. A is for A-MAZING.

Watch Usher remix the "ABCs" on "Sesame Street" after the jump.

As you might've guessed, Usher's version of the ABC's is an R&B-tinged (well, as much R&B as a "Sesame Street" clip will hold) version of the traditional children's song. And, because H is for "helpful," the crooner came up with some fun dance moves to help us remember each letter of the alphabet!

Examples? B is for "bounce like a ball," C is for "creep like a crustacean and do the crabby-crawl," and U  is for "Usher" (OBVI). And Y? Y's gotta be the most epic Sesame Street-meets-pop culture moment ever: Y is "yeahhhh man!"

All together now: "SO CUTE." Now, let's give major #props to Usher for teaching the kiddies how to be baller before their first molars grown in. Groom 'em young, folks!

Usher sings the ABCs on "Sesame Street"

 + Watch Usher remix the "ABCs" on "Sesame Street."

Photo credit: Sesame Street/Buzzfeed

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