Making Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' Video: Pole Dancers, Floating Twerks, And A Strict NO BASICS Zone (VIDEO)

rihanna on the set of her "Pour It Up" video

Rihanna is demolishing life on the set of her "Pour It Up" video.

By now you're probably well aware that Rihanna's forthcoming "Pour It Up" video shoot has -- praise EVERYTHING -- been carefully documented!

First, we saw a beautifully curated collection of on-set photos, aka a sea of damp nighties, nip-revealing squats, and all-fishnet-everything. Later, we saw a second batch of on-set photos featuring some gyrating on lavish princess chairs, bejeweled bras that may or may not have caused nipple chaffing, cash-themed stilettos, and, happily, the RETURN OF RIHANNA'S DENIM THONG.

Now, in the newly unleashed "Making Of Pour It Up" video clip, we get to see SO MUCH MORE -- namely, scenes of Rihanna drenched in money and twerking on water. #NoComplaintsHere

Go behind the scenes of Rihanna's "Pour It Up" video after the jump.

As co-director of "Pour It Up" (#props), Rihanna had some VERY strict on-set policies: specifically, a 24/7 NO BASICS ZONE. In fact, Rihanna got all up in the camera to explain this on-set strategy/general life practice: "I bet you never seen b-tches twerk on water. My b-tches twerk on water. No basics zone! NO BASICS."

And twerking on water wasn't all the ass-shaking that went down: Ri, an avid no-clothes-wearer, straight hired some PROFESH strippers -- pardon us -- "pole dancing experts" to come do naked acrobatics shake their thing on set. Naturally, Rihanna did her best to make them comfortable. Of their accommodations, Ri confessed: "Her ass is just, its own life! We got her a dressing room, and then we got her ass another dressing room." SO GENEROUS, no?

So there you have it, friends! Clearly, the epic "Pour It Up" video will be nothing short of a vast array of asses, racks, rhinestones, denim thongs, strategically wet nighties and twerks so good they can make you float! Oh, and a PERMA-NO-BASICS-ZONE, forever!  Translation: WE CAN'T F***ING WAIT.

Go behind the scenes of Rihanna's "Pour It Up" video.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram

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