Star Spotting: Nicki Minaj's Rack Barely Leaves Room For Diddy In This Photo

Nicki Minaj and Diddy in the same photo is a LOT of rap goodness in one frame

Oh hey, Nicki and Diddy! I didn't see you there...  Because BOOBS.

You know how there's always that one friend who's gotta steal the focus of every group pic? (Damn you, Monsieur Duckface!!) Well, it looks like Nicki Minaj and Diddy are both well acquainted with a friend like that, and her name is Nicki Minaj's RACK. Somehow, when faced with sharing a frame with two big-name hip-hop moguls, Nicki's bountiful, gravity-defying top and side boob outshines 'em both.

Not that we're complaining! This is a VERY important image, and we may or may not have already chosen it as our 2013 Hanukkah card. Backup plan? Obtain the rights to a bunch of these "Work Bitch" GIFs, and, well, l'chaim!

Anyway, what's even more impressive about this photo than the "High School" rapper's inimitable bosom is the caption Nicki posted along with this photo: "Puff." Yeahhh, we're guessing that if you have the boobs balls to call Diddy by his former moniker, then you're clearly in the rapper's circle of trust -- a circle that we'd guess only extends to Macklemore (he's done it and survived), Nicki, and Jay Z. Because Jay Z can call anyone anything. (Addendum: Diddy's mom! We'd never forget to include Diddy's mom.)

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj's Instagram