The Jonas Brothers Pose For Out Magazine To Promote Nick's Gloriously Sculpted Arms (PHOTOS)

The Jonas Brothers and also Nick Jonas HUGE ARMS pose for Out magazine.

The lady will have two tickets to the gun show!

Sitting down for an interview with Out magazine, the Jonas Brothers discussed everything from filming the video for "The First Time" in Vegas to recording the forthcoming V together after nearly four years of solo projects. Oh, and the topic du jour FOREVER, twerking, naturally came up as well. However, we had a hard time retaining any of their answers because OMFG, ARE YOU LOOKING AT NICK JONAS' HULKING, SUPERHERO-LEVEL ARM MUSCLES.

Seriously, like what's up with Nick's #BicepGame?! We're obviously very familiar with his sculpted torso -- we repeat: VERY FAMILIAR -- but since when does the youngest member of the band have the biggest guns in the Jonas gene pool? What, does Nick bench literally every single member of the Jonas family in the morning, starting with Frankie and working his way up to Kevin?! DOES HE?! Related: GUN SHOW.

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Nick Jonas' gun show is out of control.

Nick, seriously, you're gonna get me fired.

Anyway, back to NICK JONAS' ARMS the interview conducted by Sam Lansky, certified friend of Buzzworthy. The boys got into talking about Miley Cyrus' twerk-nasty VMA performance, which led to their thoughts on the subject of twerking. Joe's in favor ("Bring it on. I'm a fan."), Nick's firmly against ("I've reached my limit."), and soon-to-be papa Kevin remains decidedly neutral ("I'm straight down the middle. The right amount at the right time.").

Speaking of the right amount of things at the right time, when it comes to Nick's 4,958 perfectly laid muscle pipes, the correct answers are "ALL OF THEM" and "ALL THE TIME ALWAYS."

Photo credit: Kai Z Lang for Out