Little Mix's 'Move' Urges All The Bros To Get Up Off Their Asses And... Well, Move!

Listen to Little Mix's new single, "Move."

According to their new single, Little Mix like a bro who can "Move."

U.K. girl group Little Mix are back with the boldly sparse, totally weird, and undeniably awesome "Move," their follow-up single to the Missy Elliott-assisted, '90s En Vogue realness-dripping "How Ya Doin?" The new single's got hooks for days, on-point harmonies, and an intro that's super reminiscent of Crystal Waters' "100% Pure Love," mixed with a dash of Monifah's epic "Touch It." So, ya know, LISTEN CLOSELY.

Listen to Little Mix's "Move" after the jump.

A sparse, expertly restrained track that rarely surges to the sonic heights of more traditionally structured pop songs, the percussive "Move" sees the "X Factor" alums singing about their couch-potato boyfriends. In pitch-perfect four-part harmony, the girls chant: "Don't be scared/ Show me what you do/ Don't you know a girl like a boy who move." AMEN! (Getting the bros to actually "Move" in RHYTHM, however, may prove a far more difficult task, though. #BabySteps)

+ Listen to Little Mix's "Move." 

Photo credit: Syco