Little Mix’s ‘Move’ Urges All The Bros To Get Up Off Their Asses And… Well, Move!

According to their new single, Little Mix like a bro who can “Move.”

U.K. girl group Little Mix are back with the boldly sparse, totally weird, and undeniably awesome “Move,” their follow-up single to the Missy Elliott-assisted, ’90s En Vogue realness-dripping “How Ya Doin?” The new single’s got hooks for days, on-point harmonies, and an intro that’s super reminiscent of Crystal Waters’ “100% Pure Love,” mixed with a dash of Monifah’s epic “Touch It.” So, ya know, LISTEN CLOSELY.

Listen to Little Mix’s “Move” after the jump.

A sparse, expertly restrained track that rarely surges to the sonic heights of more traditionally structured pop songs, the percussive “Move” sees the “X Factor” alums singing about their couch-potato boyfriends. In pitch-perfect four-part harmony, the girls chant: “Don’t be scared/ Show me what you do/ Don’t you know a girl like a boy who move.” AMEN! (Getting the bros to actually “Move” in RHYTHM, however, may prove a far more difficult task, though. #BabySteps)

+ Listen to Little Mix’s “Move.” 

Photo credit: Syco