Star Spotting: This Photo Of Austin Mahone In A Pizza Hoodie Combines All Of Our Favorite Things

Check out Austin's delicious new hoodie.

It's not delivery, it's Austin Mahone!

Austin Mahone may have one-upped Lady Gaga and her all-meat-everything 2010 VMA ensemble by wearing a hoodie made entirely out of pizza! OK, technically it's a sweatshirt that just looks like pizza, but did you really expect someone to put scalding hot cheese and red sauce all over their body, all in the name of loungewear?!

Showing off his gooey-looking garb on Instagram, Austin aptly captioned the photo: "I GOT A PIZZA JACKET." Indeed! Full disclosure, though: The VMA winner apparently posted the pic sometime over the weekend, but we were, umm, a little too busy eating actual IRL 'za to notice. (#RealTalk, there's never a bad time to celebrate such a delicious-looking purchase. Mmmmmmmm, pizzaaaaaaa...)

While we're BEYOND that we've now discovered this photo of Austin, we now feel cheated for not being able to call up our local delivery guy to order the "Austin Mahone" special, which includes Austin showing up at our doorstep covered in pepperoni and holding VIP tickets to his sold-out tour (which you can enter to win here) in one hand and cheesy bread in the other. Annnd things officially just got weird.

Photo Credit: @austinmahone