Rihanna Werqs A Jewel-Encrusted Bra + Denim Thong In These New Photos From The ‘Pour It Up’ Video Set

Rihanna’s giving you “Happy birthday, Mr. President” realness!

By some miracle of God, Rihanna has released a second batch of behind-the-scenes pictures from her “Pour It Up” video shoot on Instagram — less than 24 hours after dropping the first group of on-set photos in all of their strategically damp, nip-outlining, all-fishnet-everything glory!

Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” video marks the return of her EPIC denim thong!

Rihanna’s second set of visuals feature the Bajan beauty serving up a healthy dose of bejeweled bras, money-patterned stilettos, and the RETURN OF THE DENIM THONG, all while straddling her very own princess throne. Proceed with caution!

Check out more photos of Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” video shoot after the jump.

How lucky is that damn chair right now? 

Rocking an all-bejweled-everything lewk reminiscent of her dazzling Crop Over Festival ensemble, a platinum blonde Rihanna proudly mounts this throne like the kween she is. (Did we say princess before? We meant kween.)

Strike a damn pose.

And there’s a lot we can learn from Ri’s technique, which is why we’re kind of annoyed she didn’t include a “How To Grind Up On A Chair Like You Really Mean It” tip in that “Half Of Me” documentary. (Unrelated: How badly do you hope that Rihanna re-enacted a regal-yet-raunchy version of Britney Spears’ iconic “Stronger” chair dance in between takes??)

You know life is NEXT-LEVEL when you’ve got money stuck to your thigh. 

See that dollar stuck to Rihanna’s inner-thigh region? Is it floating? Is it stuck there? Is the “Stay” singer’s undeniable beauty so compelling, that it has willed the bill to sentience just so that it can tip Ri’s covetously toned upper leg… with itself?! Checks out.

Unf! This is everything.

Final musings? When one singular, goddess-like being rocks money-covered heels, a perfectly coiffed Marilyn wig, jewels-on-jewels-on-jewels, a denim crotch-hugger, it begs the question: “What the hell are WE doing with our lives, sitting here in mom jeans, a boxy-cut t shirt from J.Crew, and some old Repetto flats circa 2004??” Guess that’s something we’ll have to discuss with our therapist (a bowl of guacamole) later this week (NOW).

Couldn’t sign off without a full-frontal of the rinestone bra. #IMPORTANT

Photo credit: Rihanna’s Instagram

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