Star Spotting: Macklemore Ponders The Meaning Of Life While Getting His Hair Did In Hamburg, Germany (PHOTOS)

Macklemore looks VERY relaxed while getting his hair did.

Macklemore, big primpin' in Germany.

Would you just look at that pensive preen Macklemore's perfected? He's deep in the middle distance zone in that barber's chair refining his punk rock Zack Morris steeze while in Hamburg, Germany. Checked out, pondering the meaning of life, writing another hit record -- whatever it is that Ben's concentrating on, he's definitely got the art of #ZenMultitasking on lock.

And I can kinda relate: Some people say that they get their best thinking done at the gym, and yes, I generally have a few inspired, flickering thoughts while sweating to death on the treadmill -- such as, "WHY, GOD, WHY?!" But like the "White Walls" rapper, it's when I'm comfortably seated in my blow-out throne that my mind does its most profound work. (#modest).

Check out more photos of Macklemore getting his hair buzzed after the jump.

Breaking from convention (i.e., taking selfies with literally every celeb ever like Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Diddy, and Kanye West), Macklemore Instagrammed the two photos with the captions "Haircut in Hamburg," and "One more... #Germany #Hamburg." Needless to say, Ich bin ein YOU ARE HANDSOME. We bet a hundred bucks and a large Pinkberry that when Macklemore's next hit single drops, he'll attribute it to that 45 minutes of meditative fade trimming in Hamburg.

Macklemore gets a haircut in Germany.

What's German for "Blue Steel"?


Photo credit: Macklemore's Instagram

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