Video Premiere: Dancehall-Pop Star Samantha J Gives Britney's '...Baby, One More Time' Look An Island Update In 'Tight Skirt' Video

Samantha J may in fact be the next Rihanna

Dancehall pop princess Samantha J's "Tight Skirt" sounds as good as she looks.

We have good news and bad news. The goods news? You're gonna be instantly hooked on 16-year-old Jamaican native Samantha J's reggae-pop earworm, "Tight Skirt." (Gotta have something to be addicted to now that "Breaking Bad"'s over.) The bad news? She looks better in said skirt than you ever probably will. Remember: Don't hate! Celebrate.

Watch Samantha J's "Tight Skirt" video after the jump.

Serving some major Rihanna-meets-Gwen Stefani "Hey Baby"-era vibes, Samantha's "Tight Skirt" video sees the singer, who commands a heady mix of Patois, pop, dancehall, and reggae, busting out of a boring class to roam the streets while serving an updated version of Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" (which turns 15 this week!) schoolgirl lewk. And it's not just her form-fitting choice of bottoms that's getting everyone's attention: Musically, "Tight Skirt" is an infectious dose of island flavor, mixed with just the right amount of pop to do what "Pon De Replay" did for Rihanna. (Eight years later, that cut's still the jam.)

Samantha was initially discovered during a model casting in Ocho Rios (surprised?) and is well on her way to becoming Rihanna-level famous in her native Jamaica and in all cardinal directions beyond. Yuh AGUH like dis.

+ Watch Samantha J's "Tight Skirt" video.