It’s Katy Perry’s 29th Birthday! Let’s Celebrate With 29 Prismatic Katy Photos!


Tonight, Katy’s walking on 29-year-old air! That sounded far more poetic in our heads.

Guess that pop star! She’s got the eye of the tiger, that one international smile, and a Madame Tussauds wax figure that’s a little too “Je ne sais Anjelica Huston” for our tastes. Give up? Why, it’s none other than Katy Perry, and today is her 29th birthday!!!!

While we put the finishing touches on our present for the “Unconditionally” singer, an unauthorized 17-minute choreopoem detailing Miss Katheryn Hudson’s life from birth to the present that properly exhibits our two years hip-hop/ three years jazz/ five years tap dance training…

…you should celebrate the big day with an expertly curated gallery of the 29 most prismatic Katy Perry photos of all time! Why prismatic? Well, no, we don’t think that the “Roar” singer’s particularly “relating to, resembling, or constituting a prism.” Actually, we were inspired by what Katy told MTV News about her recently released album’s title: “The reason why I called this record Prism is because I actually finally let the light in… I felt very prismatic… and it’s almost like I get to beam the colors that I’ve experienced out from me.”

Aw, that’s all the reason we need to stare endlessly at nearly 30 beautifully colorful, playfully light photos of Ms. Perry the birthday girl! (LBR, the fact that she’s physically flawless enough to be the new face of COVERGIRL doesn’t hurt either.) Onward, KatyCats!

Here’s Katy performing “The One That Got Away” in 2011. Guess “the one” wasn’t too big on pink?

Check out more prismatic photos of Katy Perry after the jump.

Who let this silver-clad bombshell on the 2009 VMA red carpet?!

Katy gives Indigo-go Girl realness next to Ms. Britney Spears at “The Smurfs 2” premiere.

Lest we forget, neon green Gak prints and bright purple high-ponies were ALL the rage in 2012.


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Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: PopCrush