It’s Drake’s 27th Birthday! So We’re Throwing Him A Miley Cyrus Twerk Party In A Ball Pit (PHOTOS)

Happy birthday, Drake! Please break your “No New Friends” rule for us? We’ll let you play our N64!

Guess what, y’all! Today is Drake’s 27th birthday! Can you believe it? Why, it feels like just yesterday we were watching the “Hold On, We’re Going Home” singer dribbling his basketball and holy s*** getting shot in the back learning valuable life lessons at the Toronto-area community school that must not be named. Whaddya say, let’s give Champagne Papi a couple of congratulatory baby Drake shuffles!

If that forever-treasurable GIF proves anything, it’s that Drake needs no help in the having fun department. But, we figure that we might as well help him plan his birthday blowout in whatever way we can — like finding a venue! Taking a page out of the “No New FriendsDrake meme’s playbook, we decided to mock up our greatest party location suggestions below! (Still waiting on that invite though, Drake, NBD!)

1.) Our backyard! We could rent a couple of ball pits and moon bounces to quell those Discovery Zone jones.

2.) Your backyard? It’s OK, Drake, that festive mouse piñata didn’t deserve your friendship anyway.

3.) How about somewhere more spacious and elegant, like inside the cartoonishly big, 15-carat diamond engagement ring that Kanye got for Kim?

Check out more venues where Drake can host his “No New Friends” allowed birthday party after the jump.

4.) Wanna party unnoticed? Time travel back to Aug. 25 and host your b-day bash at the VMAs! Literally nobody will notice you get #turntup amidst all the twerking.

5.) No, wait! The skating rink! You used to love to ice-dance ice-skate play hockey as a kid.

6.) Or we could really go all out! Crash a wedding, hit on some brides throwing cats. You know, wedding stuff.

7.) F*** it, let’s just get wrecked. We know just the place to obliterate you into 27. Paging Miley Cyrus!

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Photo credit: Getty Images, Jimmy McCain of MTV, The Hollywood Gossip, Jonathan Cheban’s Instagram, MTV, Lipstick Alley, Brides Throwing Cats, RCA / GIF: andnowwee.tumblr