Vanilla Ice Gets Miley Cyrus' Name Tattooed On His Feet, We Pray It's Just Marker (PHOTO)

Check out this photo of Vanilla Ice's "MILEY CYRU$" foot tattoo. Or don't!

Check out Vanilla Ice's new "MILEY CYRU$" tattoo. Or don't!

When somebody throws away even the tiniest chunk of a sandwich, a license plate I saw last night says "TOY4MOMI," and a cat walks directly in front of your computer while you're using it and just stands there -- these are all things that confuse, bewilder, and maybe even alarm you. Without a doubt, Vanilla Ice tweeting a photo of his new, possibly fake double-foot tattoo that reads "MILEY CYRU$" (or "Miley Cyrus" for the non-Ke$ha-inclined/ my mom) is one of those things.

What's not confusing about this picture up top is that it's a clear homage to the "Wrecking Ball" singer's "ROLLING $TONE" double-foot tattoo she got during a recent Rolling Stone interview. But that still leaves a big ole Nancy Kerrigan-size "WHY?!" Ice's caption doesn't help matters either: "@MileyCyrus WORD TO YOUR MOTHER ! LMAO!" Like, what does Tish Cyrus have to do with this, Ice? WHAT?!

Seriously, this has got to just be marker, right? Because honestly, the idea that the man behind "Ice, Ice, Baby" got a tattoo of Miley's name across both of his feet makes about as much sense as... IDK, Vanilla Ice jamming out with some IRL Ninja Turtles, one of whom won't stop throwing up Illuminati hand signs! Oh wait.

Vanilla Ice actually got a "MILEY CYRU$" tattoo.

Photo credit: @vanillaice/ GIF: mricks.tumblr