Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Goes Shopping In Beverly Hills, Possibly For Pants (PHOTO)

We hope that Taylor Swift's shopping for pants over there...

Taylor Swift is sans pants. Maybe she left them in the store?

The fact that Taylor Swift spent her weekend shopping is just another reminder that famous pop stars really are just like the rest of us -- they all put their pants on one leg at a time! Um, wait... That metaphor only works when said famous person is actually wearing pants, and, as you can see in the above photo, Tay-Tay ain't. In that case, this pic is a reminder that famous people are absolutely NOTHING like us, which has officially shaken my belief system to its core.

Devastating epiphany aside, we're thinking that the "Red" Tour headliner is on to something here! Let's say that Taylor's in Beverly Hills to shop for new pants. By eliminating the time it takes to remove your current pants in the dressing room, you save, like, six seconds of your life! In that time, you could have posed with an adorbz li'l fan or shared an intimate embrace with Justin Timberlake. Now, that's productivity!

Hmmm, and now that we take a closer look at the photo, we do believe that that's a genuine "Swifty Surprise" face that Taylor's making! It's almost as if she just realized that she forgot half of her outfit in the dressing room, or that her homage to Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" is getting far more attention than she anticipated. But, ummm, Taylor? What did you expect? YOU AREN'T WEARING PANTS!!!

Photo Credit: Splash News