Witness The Birth Of Ariana Grande! Because This Bizarre Video Is Giving Us So Much Life Right Now!

Life as a young star can be more stressful than figuring out how to program your universal remote, especially in the case of Ariana Grande, who is currently in utter slay mode following the release of her note-perfect debut album, Yours Truly.

Aside from playing with puppy masks and sending flirty heart emoticons to her new boyfriend, Nathan Sykes of The Wanted, what does the "Baby I" singer do to unwind? Oh, just stage VERY realistic home birth videos with pal and "Victorious" co-star Liz Gillies and manager Scooter Braun.

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In the "Almost Is Never Enough" singer's Oscar-worthy Instagram video, Liz Gillies plays Ariana's mother, who's nine months pregnant and then some. Apparently her water broke, and it's go time, because after some scary grunting/ pushing/ sh*rting sounds, Ariana makes her grand appearance! And she's all grown up and 20 years old! Must be nice to skip over the diapers phase.

Ariana's birth video is truly one of the more bizarre pop star moments we've seen in a minute. (And yes, we've seen Justin Bieber's gas mask photos.)

+ Watch Ariana Grande's birth video.