Katy Perry's 'Walking On Air' Is An Orgasmic '90s House Throwback

Listen to Katy Perry's new song "Walking On Air."

The best part of waking up is always new Katy Perry music. #ObjectiveFact

From the opening chord to that first "Tonight!" run that swiftly follows, you know that Katy Perry's "Walking On Air" isn't your usual Katy fare. Her songs usually veer more toward anthemic, empowerment jams rather than pure dance-pop. (Think "Roar" vs. that Jump Smokers "Roar" remix.) But this latest Prism promo track, with its instrumental straight off of the C+C Music Factory assembly line, is gonna make you feel it (FEEL IT!) harder than serious actor Mark Wahlberg Marky Mark.

Listen to Katy Perry's "Walking On Air" after the jump.

While the music trends toward dance-pop bliss, the lyrics describe, or at least allude to, a different kind of ecstasy. "Just when I think I can't take anymore/ We go deeper and harder than ever before/ We go higher and higher I feel like I'm already there."

We're not sure how hard Katy's gonna "Peacock" this track when explaining the lyrics (Remember how "I wanna see your peacock-cock-cock" actually meant "I wanna see your true colors"? OK.), but there's definitely an undeniable new sexual energy to the song we don't usually get from Katy. To that we say, brava! Also: hot.

Anyway, before you listen to "Walking On Air" below, remember that this isn't even Prism's second single. (That's gonna be "Unconditionally," FYI.) Like the pop-trap lurker, "Dark Horse," this new song is purely promotional. So, the takeaway is that even the so-called "filler" tracks on Katy's forthcoming album (which drops Oct. 22) will be single-worthy? BRB, literally walking on air RN.

+ Listen to Katy Perry's "Walking On Air."


Photo credit: Capitol Records