Fall Out Boy Give You 'Love, Sex, Death' In Under 90 Seconds (VIDEO)

Watch Fall Out Boy's new "Love, Sex, Death" video.

Fall Out Boy's new clip is a quick, though VERY INTENSE, glimpse into their world.

In case you were under the impression that Fall Out Boy had taken an irreversible turn toward the bigger, slicker, and more polished sound of the radio-ready Save Rock And Roll, this new video for "Love, Sex, Death," a whirlwind minute-and-a-half of high-octane punk and gritty rock energy, should stop you in your tracks -- albeit briefly.

The song is the first from Pax Am Days (out Oct. 15), an eight-song EP they recorded with Ryan Adams at his studio in California. You can take the boys out of the punk scene, but you can't take the punk scene out of the boys, we guess.

Watch Fall Out Boy's "Love, Sex, Death" video after the jump.

The video for the track is as blistering as the song, a sped-up jumble of footage from the band's recent worldwide tour: plane window shots, jumping crowds, studio work, swimming, and what we think looks like the band partying with the Stanley Cup? Hard to say -- it all goes by so fast!

The recording of Pax Am Days was a similar blur, the band told MTV News recently of their time at Adam's studio. "It was very much hanging out, and somehow some music got recorded," Patrick Stump said. Joe Trohman added: "When you're in the studio, and you spend most of the time hanging out, it's a good thing because then all of a sudden you're like, 'Wow, how did I just record, like, 10 songs?' And that's sort of what ended up happening; everything was off the cuff."

In their typical, whimsically poignant style, the band explain a bit more on their site: "Making noise for no reason, laughing at jokes ... just the camaraderie of fast, loud songs... . This is the closest to the earliest inception of what led us to fall out boy- this is the alpha to the omega that is save rock and roll." They continue: "This is us ... we screamed in the parking lot and recorded bass on the bathroom tile. This is meant to be rough and feel like its about to snap. This is back to the fun of why we started doing this thing. it is a snapshot of two nights in a small studio upstairs on sunset blvd called Pax Am."

They're right; it does sound like old Fall Out Boy. And fans who have been missing the raw energy of those bygone days will be psyched to hear it creep in a fury of bass (with teeth so sharp, you could cut yourself on the sound of the riff), a hurricane of drums, and shouted vocals. It almost makes you wonder why a lot of bands spend so many months obsessing over recording details in the first place.

+ Watch Fall Out Boy's "Love, Sex, Death" video.