Iggy Azalea MAY Be Auditioning For The Role Of Maria In 'The Sound Of Music: The Trap Gold Remake,' Right? (PHOTO)

Is Iggy Azalea audition for some Sound of Music remake?

Break a leg, Iggy!

Here's the official story on this picture: Iggy Azalea was photographed with a towel covering her head while leaving Whelan's after performing there for Arthur's Day. But because the last half of that sentence made absolutely zero sense and may contain one or more fraudulent words or concepts (Americentrism FTW!), we've just gotta go with our gut on this one.

Here goes: In the most likely of circumstances, the "Change Your Life" rapper has just come from her second audition for the role of Maria Von Trapp in David LaChappelle's upcoming film, "The Sound Of Music: The Trap Gold Remake" -- er, "The Von Trapp Gold Remake," rather.

This all sounds pretty plausible, right? Like, Iggy has gone on record as a huge fan of movies starring a plucky female lead. (See Nomi Malone in "Showgirls.") Besides, it's not as if casting the Aussie rapper as the Julie Andrews-originated character would be that far of a stretch, right?

Is Iggy Azalea auditioning for the role of Maria Von Trapp?

Is Iggy Azalea auditioning for the role of Maria Von Trapp?

...Fine, point taken. Iggy isn't gonna be in any "Sound Of Music" do-over, casually plopping a towel on your head is a perfectly acceptable alternative to a hat, Whelan's is a thing IRL, and Arthur's Day is a nationally recognized holiday celebrating all of the Arthurs in our lives. HAPPY? Dream killer. (Why wouldn't you clap for Tinkerbell?)

Photo credit: WENN/ GIFs: whatshouldtheatrecallme.tumblr, Rebloggy