Star Spotting: Pharrell, Is That You Adorably Buried Under All Those Furs? (PHOTOS)

Check out this adorable fur coat photo of Pharrell.

Anyone else fantasizing about Pharrell crooning "Baby, It's Cold Outside"? Just us? Cool.

Wanna know what we love most about Pharrell, aside from the fact that he's the genius behind Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," Britney Spears' "Boys (Co- Ed Remix)," and Justin Timberlake's "Señorita"? Well, much like his more recent collabo with Nelly, "IDGAF," he quite literally DGAF about A DAMN THING!

For example, check out this perfect furs-on-furs-on-furs look that P rocked at the Moncler New Flagship Opening in Paris! Was he trudging through tundra-like temperatures that require someone to wear a fur jacket so large it could literally eat you? NOPE! Does Pharrell wear one of these heavy-duty babies anyway? YEP! #PRAISE.

Check out more pictures of Pharrell all bundled up after the jump.

Pharrell all bundled up is our favorite Pharrell.

 THE WHOLE ENSEMBLE! Pharrell is perfect. THE END.

In the spirit of transparency, we must note that Pharrell most likely got so fully decked out for the Moncler event because of his partnership with the brand -- he's going to launch his very own line of sunglasses, FYI. Then again, we have a sneaking suspicion that Rihanna's zero-eff-giving peer runs SO deep into DGAF territory that he was probably already going to wear this Antarctic ensemble regardless of the event.

Honestly, when you're as rich and famous as the "ATM Jam" collaborator, your idea of sweatpants and comfortwear is probably a 40-pound fur coat with matching 15-pound fur hood, and to that we say: #AllTheJealz.

Photo credit: Getty Images