5 Sugary-Sweet Photos Of An Ageless Avril Lavigne Enjoying Birthday Cake

Happy 29th birthday to the motherf****** princess!

Happy 29th birthday, Avril Lavigne!!!! Or is it 19th? 23rd? Your Wikipedia page says that you were born on Sept. 27, 1984, but you hardly look a year shy of 30 in this b-day photo above with Mario Lopez (aka, the host of “Extra” and Britney Spears’ No. 1 doll collector). How can this be? Hmmmm… Oh, duh, the “Rock N Roll” singer is a vampire! Either that, or she’s been drinking the eternal lifeblood of the mythical bear-shark. Checks out.

In any case, Avril, we wish you (and that portrait of you that’s aging slowly in an attic somewhere) a very happy day of birth, indeed. We didn’t mail you a real present because we couldn’t figure out how the federal postal system works (#millennial), so we hope you enjoy these pictures we found of you gleefully nomming down birthday cakes both past and present! Full disclosure: Two of them are technically from The Best Damn Thing’s release party, but so what! Cake.

Aw, this is from Avril’s 18th b-day in 2002. BRB, gonna go investigate the d├ęcor-accenting powers of Starburst.

Here’s Avril blowing out the candles in 2007…

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…and she did it! Hell yeah, cake! Who’s ya mothah-effing princess?!

This 2010 beauty is, like, straight out of our wildest “Cake Boss”-inspired dreams. #FONDANT

Photo credit: Getty Images