'Day And All Night': Kate Moss Praises Thigh-High Boots And Short Skirts On This Surprisingly Good DJ Collab

Listen to "Day And All Night," the new song from Kate Moss, Brendan Fallis, and Andrew Watt.

Listen to Kate Moss wax poetic on thigh-highs and short skirts on this new track.

It used to be that singers sang and models modeled, and then everyone punched out of work for the night and ended up at the same parties where they would do all sorts of secret, cool, beautiful people stuff that the rest of us weren't allowed to know about. But now that you practically have to dabble in modeling if you're a singer, the separation of rock's church and fashion's state isn't quite as stark as it used to be.

Supermodel Kate Moss has always had one foot in either camp -- or one thigh-high boot, we should say. The fashion icon and rock muse shows up as a guest vocalist on this new track, "Day And All Night," from New York City-based DJ Brendan Fallis and songwriter Andrew Watt, and believe us when we say that #ItsAGoodLook.

Listen to Kate Moss' new single, "Day And All Night."

Listen to Kate Moss, Brendan Fallis, and Andrew Watt's "Day And All Night" after the jump.

Some background: When he's not busy DJing high-end fashion parties around the world, Fallis serves as the tour DJ and manager for Theophilus London, incidentally. While Moss has never exactly carried a tune on her own before, she has appeared on songs by a veritable who's who of Brit rock royalty over the years, from Oasis to Babyshambles and Primal Scream.

Technically speaking, Kate still hasn't actually recorded a singing part here either; Watt and Fallis have cut a vocal take from an interview that the supermodel gave for a recent Stuart Weitzman campaign film, and edited it into a surprisingly alluring disco funk instrumental, complete with acoustic guitars and a wailing saxophone courtesy of Richie Cannata.

"I think thigh-high boots are especially sexy and glamorous, especially if you wear them with a short skirt," Moss intones. "It's a good look." They say that all you need for a good song is a few chords and the truth, and we're finding it really hard to find anything wrong with what Moss is saying.

+ Listen to Kate Moss, Brendan Fallis, and Andrew Watt's "Day And All Night."

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