HAIM, Masha, Rumer Willis + More: 5 ‘Wrecking Ball’ Covers That Totally Wreck Us (VIDEOS)

We’re cuh-rying over how good these Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” covers are.

Truth time — we still haven’t FULLY recovered from the #FEELINGS conjured up by Miley Cyrus’ intensely naked, emotionally AGGRO “Wrecking Ball” video, not to mention the cry-heavy “Wrecking Ball” director’s cut. We also haven’t recovered from seeing the “23” collaborator’s naked EVERYTHING on basically EVERYTHING (moving “Wrecking Ball” included!).

So, what do you do when you wanna listen to Ms. Cyrus’ stunningly beautiful track, yet need, like, a 5-minute breather from Miley’s naked bod? (LBR, we’ll probably be back on the naked Miley train by dinner time!). Find some “Wrecking Ball” covers that straight CRUSH IT! And because we love you, we’re sharing our (for the most part fully clothed) five favorites, including renditions by Masha, HAIM, and Rumer Willis.


If you haven’t heard of Masha yet, you will soon. Her grungy, Pink-esque vocals have already landed her in the studio with songwriter Claude Kelly and producer Nathan Chapman, and, judging by the gritty-ass Janis Joplin-tinged rasp she occasionally unleashes in her “Wrecking Ball” cover, we can see why.

Masha sticks primarily to the original melody but straight NAILS the booming “I came in like a wrecking ball” hook. We’d also like to take this moment to #BowDown to Masha’s perfectly subtle yet awesome run on the line “wreck me.” Don’t think we didn’t catch that, bb.


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