Nicki Minaj Reveals The Side Boob To End All Side Boobs! (PHOTO)

Check out Nicki Minaj's epic side-boob. Kween!

All side-boobs worldwide should #bowdown to Nicki Minaj.

We'll say this, ladies: If you were planning to wear a top that reveals some of your rack tomorrow night (a phenomenon known in medical circles as "side boob" or "under boob" -- it's Latin. Trust us.), you might wanna reconsider. Why? Because Nicki Minaj has revealed the most EPIC side boob ever on Instagram -- the side boob to end all side boobs, if you will -- and we're pretty sure that nothing will compare. And we're pretty sure this is why Instagram was invented.

As you probably know, this isn't Nicki's first time showing off a sliver of the girls. We saw a hefty helping of the ladies in Nicki's "High School" video, not to mention that pasty-covered cameo in French Montana's "Freaks."

What was the special occasion this time? Nicki's just out promoting her perfume to the press, actually. We totally wouldn't be surprised if the "Va Va Voom" rapper just does this to mess with reporters -- bet she cackles every time one of 'em fumbles, like "So, Nicki, how is your boob? I mean, boob?! I MEAN... TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEXT ALBUM?"

Related: OUR APOLOGIES, MILEY CYRUS! We know that you take pride in your side boob, full boob, top boob, under boob, and just general BOOB (don't they ever get cold?) but Nicki's "situation(s)" are on a level that any cup below a C just cannot even begin to step to. Phew! OK. We're off to read some Shakespeare, practice geometry (what's a rhombus again?), and listen to Sufjan Stevens' The BQE to repent for having served you with this much skin. #itslevelstothiss***

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj's Instagram

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