Ke$ha's Hair Kind Of Looks Like That Rainbow Trix Yogurt You Used To Eat (PHOTO)

Kesha's hair is the embodiment of Trix Yogurt

We kind of want to eat Ke$ha's hair... #TablesHaveTurned

FYI, my parents were a little TOO health-conscious growing up. While other kids got to eat Lunchables and Go-Gurt, I was stuck with an organic turkey sammie on gluten-free seven-grain bread, and a fat-free Dannon. Wanna know what else I was deprived of as a kid? TRIX YOGURT! (Call the therapist.) So I think you can understand my conflicted childhood #feelings while writing about Ke$ha's new multicolored, Trix Yogurt-looking hair. Because c'mon, don't tell me you're not seeing the ghost of those faded pastel dairy swirls in Ke$ha's follicles!

Posting her new 'do to Instagram, Ke$ha captioned: "feeling the rainbow." Hey, US TOO! We are très into this look. Although, if the "Crazy Kids" singer was really up on her pop culture food slogans, she might've considered captioned something along the lines of "Silly Rabbit, this hairdo is for kids!" Pause, let's amend that: "Silly Rabbit, this hairdo is for RICH kids."

Painfully related: Per Yoplait's Facebook page, "Trix has undergone a formulation change." Translation? Even now, as an adult who can eat what she wants, I still CAN'T HAVE TRIX YOGURT. What a cruel, cruel world.

Photo credit: Ke$ha's Instagram

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