Forever The Sickest Kids Hit The Gym In Their 'Nikki' Video

Watch Forever The Sickest Kids' "Nikki" video.

Forever the Sickest Kids rock a treadmill run in "Nikki."

Forever the Sickest Kids' potent pop punk is the kind of music that's crucial come workout time, so it's rad to see the band delivering their latest track at the gym. In the "Nikki" video, the band shreds through the song between barbells and treadmills, as a pair of characters pick up their paces. Come to 24-Hour Fitness, dudes!

Watch Forever The Sickest Kids' "Nikki" video after the jump.

The track and video tell a few stories: We see the beauty queen from Dallas and the man who'd "give his jacket to a stranger in the cold," as well as the codependent couple with an "angel seeking chaos" and a "demon seeking peace" -- in every case, "It's never that easy, it never seems right."

But despite the barriers between them, our heroes reach each other in the end, just as the chorus reassures us we're gonna make it after all. "If you only live once, stay in the clouds," Jonathan Cook sings over a wall of frantic power chords. Pay attention, Drake. Also: Stay on the treadmill! Thanks for the soundtrack, you guys. Maybe today we'll finish that 5K.

Forever The Sickest Kids' J.A.C.K. was released last June.

+ Watch Forever the Sickest Kids' "Nikki" video.

Photo credit: Fearless Records