In Honor Of Ariana Grande + Nathan Sykes Confirming Their Relationship, Let's Look At Some Photos Of Them Pretending Not To Be A Couple!

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes get cozy in their "Almost Is Never Enough" video.

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes in a perma-embrace = FULL-ON DATING.

We don't claim to be scientists or anything, but let's just say that it's not our first time at the "reading celebs' body language" party. Translation: If you've ever watched Ariana Grande and The Wanted's Nathan Sykes' "Almost Is Never Enough" video, or looked directly at the above huggy picture of them on the set of an upcoming Wanted video, it'll seem blatantly obvious that they are in fact DATING!! KISSING!! Doing things that rich, in-love 20-year-olds do!

Anyway, we don't have to write fan fiction wonder any longer about A + N's relationship status: Today Ariana AND Nathan Twitter-confirmed their relationship (see: their perfectly timed co-tweets)! So now that everything's out in the open, let's take a look back at Ariana and Nathan's most adorable photos to date. ...The first of MANY more sickeningly adorable moments to come, we're sure.

1.) HANGING TOGETHER AT 2013 ARTHUR ASHE KIDS DAY: Ariana and Nathan recently took the stage at 2013 Arthur Ashe Kids Day to perform their adorable duet. And by "perform" we really mean "stage an excuse to touch." Naturally, after they finished singing, Ariana's supportive "friend" Nathan couldn't help but pat his equally supportive "friend" Ariana on the back. Again, these two are JUST HAPPY TO BE TOUCHING!

Ariana and Nathan share a quick embrace at 2013 Arthur Ashe Kids Day

See more cute photos of Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes after the jump.

2.) SCOOTER BRAUN'S INSTAGRAMS: Taken two months ago by Ariana and Nathan's manager, Scooter Braun, this photo has the singers shooting their "Almost Is Never Enough" video. At this point in time, Ariana and Nathan were still "just friends," but yeah, 100 bucks says the lovebirds are ACTUALLY in the process of texting each other that awesome emotion with the arrow going through the heart and/or planning where to have a secret sushi date later that night.

Ariana and Nathan are probably texting each other in this photo!

3.) SINGING LIVE ON "KELLY AND MICHAEL": The couple that sings on "LIVE With Kelly and Michael" together, stays together, no?! Whatever, a least that's what Katy Perry and John Mayer told us. Also: Here's a known fact: Passionately gazing into each other's eyes while deep in song definitely isn't platonic.

Ariana and Nathan perform live on ABC's "Live With Kelly And Michael"

4.) MORE SCOOTER BRAUN INSTAGRAMS: Here are Ari and Nathan posing with manager Scooter Braun after the live debut of their duet. Related: Even though they're probably grateful that Scooter helped make them superstars, Ariana and Nathan were also probably like, "Ugh, can you MOVE, Scoots? We'd rather be hugging each other. Alone. In a private room."

Ariana and Nathan pose with their manager, Scooter Braun

5.) PLAYING PEEKABOO ON THE SET OF "ALMOST IS NEVER ENOUGH": You know, that song about loving each other that also had a casual montage of them almost kissing on a couch? C'mon Ariana and Nathan, you're making this WAY too easy for us.

Ariana and Nathan play peekaboo on the set of "Almost Is Never Enough"

So there you have it! Ariana and Nathan (Nathiana?) are now the latest confirmed celeb couple du jour! Truthfully, we've been feeling the void ever since Selena and The Biebs officially called it quits, so this relationship really couldn't have come at a better time. For us, of course.

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Photo credit: Getty Images/Splash News/Scooter Braun's Instagram