Miley's Foam Finger Flashback: Watch The Notorious Finger's First Appearance On An Episode of 'Hannah Montana' (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus has ALWAYS known what to do with a foam finger.

This ain't Miley's first time at the foam finger rodeo!

You know how everyone and their mom and their mom's Parents' Television Council and their mom's Parents' Television Council's mom were all pearl-clutching over Miley Cyrus' twerk-nasty VMA performance? Well, one clever Vine user named Kendall West has uncovered compelling evidence that the "Wrecking Ball" singer retweeted, which proves that our lovable off-brand Elmo-grinding Miley knew her way around a foam finger as far back as her "Hannah Montana" days!

And don't worry, the video below is approximately 17-gazillion times more satisfying than our flawless foam finger Photoshop job up top -- trust us.

Watch the "Hannah Montana" foam finger Vine video after the jump.

The hilariously edited clip cuts together a scene where Miley's brother on the Disney Channel series asks "But what am I sposeda do with my new foam finger?" to which in a pre-pasties moment Miley responds "Oh, I know." Then the Vine skips to Miss Milez on stage at the Video Music Awards, doing... well, YA KNOW.

Miley Cyrus has ALWAYS known her way around a foam finger.

+ Watch this ah-may-zing "Hannah Montana" foam finger Vine video.

Photo credit: Getty Images/ GIF: MTV