The Pretty Reckless Might Be 'Going To Hell,' But They're Gonna Rock Out REALLY Hard On The Way

Listen to The Pretty Reckless' "Going To Hell."

The Pretty Reckless don't give a damn 'bout their bad reputation in "Going To Hell."

"Bless me father for I have sinned," Taylor Momsen whispers in the opening of "Going To Hell," before proceeding to outline all the different ways that's true. The first single from The Pretty Reckless' forthcoming full-length (coming out next year) is a gritty, glam-rocking, sludgy-guitar screamer that picks up where the band left off on their 2010 LP, Light Me Up. Taylor's been a bad girl in the meantime, and she really, really wants us to know about it.

Listen to The Pretty Reckless' "Going To Hell" after the jump.

"Father did you miss/ been locked up a while/ I got caught for what I did," the onetime "Gossip Girl" screeches over some grunge-era, down-tuned guitar. "Going To Hell" is a story of lies, death, love, and sin, and it's all a bit over the top and campy in its RAWK poses, but it was actually written during a period of real destruction and death, as Momsen explained in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. According to Momsen, the New Jersey studio the band was recording in got destroyed by last fall's Hurricane Sandy, which subsequently ruined their demos and gear. "Out of tragedy came that song," Taylor said.

It's always hard for someone who we first came to know as an actor to completely make the transformation to musician -- although a certain Mr. Jared Leto seems to have done pretty well for himself in that regard. For Momsen, a few years of distance from TV might be just the thing to do the trick. And if that doesn't work out, we can always hold out hope for a "Gossip Girl" reunion! ...Even if her character won't leave "Hudson."

Look out for The Pretty Reckless on their fall tour, running through November.

+ Listen to The Pretty Reckless' "Going To Hell." 

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