No F***s Were Given During The Making Of Nelly's 'IDGAF,' Featuring T.I. And Pharrell (NSFW)

Listen to Nelly's "IDGAF" featuring T.I. and Pharrell.

Nelly, T.I., and Pharrell have exactly zero f*cks to give.

Hey, I know what: Let's keep obsessing over the singles on Nelly's upcoming M.O. album (out Sept. 30)! And what a long, strange trip it's been...

At first we thought Nelly was getting all grimy on us after hearing the hazy, unadorned "Get Like Me" featuring Nicki Minaj and Pharrell. Then, the St. Louis rapper took us back to his "Hot In Herre" pop roots with the sparkling, Daley-assisted "Heaven." After that, we took a trip down FUNK NASTY lane via Nelly's jazzed-out "Rick James." Now, Nelly's calling "NO F***S" on his T.I. and Pharrell-assisted "IDGAF," which, in case you're not up to speed on your zero-eff-giving vernacular, translates to "I DON'T GIVE A F***." FYI. LOL.

Listen to Nelly's "IDGAF" featuring T.I. and Pharrell after the jump.

Featuring a bouncy, mid-tempo jam led by a thumping bass line, "IDGAF" sounds like a mixture of all of Nelly's prior M.O. releases. Nelly cuts right to the point as he chants, "If they call the cops on me/ IDGAF!/ I won't stop, no/ IDGAF!" Later, Nelly goes on to declare his love for, um, expensive vehicles: "I got this new whip/ Wanna ride it?/ You sit on top/ I'll be inside it."

So, mathematically speaking, Nelly, Pharrell, and T.I. have WAY fewer effs to give than Rihanna and Miley Cyrus COMBINED! Also: Per our expert calculations, Nelly, Pharrell, and T.I. also give fewer f***s than a true no-f***-giving pioneer, Dillon Francis, who, in 2011, came out with "IDGAFOS," which translates as "I Don't Give A F*** Or S***." It's a numbers game, really.

+ Listen to Nelly's "IDGAF" featuring T.I. and Pharrell (NSFW).

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